Tutor feedback reflections: Assignment 4

It took some time for me to select the photograph I wanted to focus on because I knew it needed to be a strong image that I would want to spend some time reviewing. I was pleased to find Dara Scully’s work and knew immediately I wanted to look at one of her images, they seemed so multi layered. The choice of the image was noted in my Tutor Feedback.

…you have chosen a really interesting image for this and explored it and other appropriate images in an informative and interesting way.

I looked at a range of advice on reviewing visual arts and photographs and worked through a number of drafts to shape the final version, while the comparative work came later in the process I found it particularly helpful in focussing on why I had selected this particular image. I am pleased my Tutor felt this approach was appropriate.

…an interesting piece of writing relating to this image and similar and indeed very different representations of childhood in photography. Very competent technical and visual skills

I am grateful to the other OCA photography students for their feedback during the drafting process, which helped me refine my thoughts and writing. I think this really helped strengthen my writing and I am glad it came across.

Your work has shown an application of knowledge in terms of both your research and your own interpretation of this image and what it shows. … Highly effective work presented in a professional way, showing strong judgement.

In initial feedback from other OCA photography students there was some debate about the appropriate balance between personal voice and the views of others in the field. I wanted to include an auto-ethnographic element as I felt it was pertinent to both my selection of and response to the image. I took a risk in leaving in my reflective comments and my tutor acknowledged them positively.

…strong evidence of personal voice. Your own opinions on this image stand out as well as using references from other theorists to provide a grounding to your essay.

This was not an easy assignment to achieve within the word count, there was so much I could have said about this image and throughout I had a concern about whether I was pursuing my points clearly. I was very pleased that my tutor felt the review was of an appropriate standard and quality.

Very articulate and self aware, very well researched, demonstrating a developed intellectual understanding

I found this process incredibly valuable in both looking at the work of others and in taking a more critically reflective approach to my own work.



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